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Proz92 Reviews – Does proz 92 Really Work?

I thought I write a little Proz 92 review and let you know about my experience with the product and if answer the question; does proz92  work?

I ordered proz92 back in 2009 and used it for about 2 months, the experience was not very pleasant to put it mildly. So for starters you have to clean lesions with hydrogen-peroxide which if you have open lesions hurts already. Then you go to applying the proz92 which again hurts like crazy. I have to say the lesions start peeling as stated in the instructions. But the problem is they keep on peeling so if there is new skin it burns off as well and that way you irritate the skin and the P gets even worse

psoriasis cures proz92 reviews

Hang on I am not finished with the proz92 review yet :) or am I? No. To summarize it smells bad it hurts and it only made my psoriasis worse. Now I have to be fair this doesn’t mean it will not work for you as we all know that what works for one doesn’t work for another. Now that can goes both ways right what doesn’t work for one might work for the other

I did give proz92 another try as my refund period was over before I decided this was not for me so I had one bottle left and tried it again and the same issues happened psoriasis got worse and applying the proz92 was hurting like hell again so I stopped it again after a month.

Now the statement they put on their website is a bit misleading to say the least, they say “ProZ92 is guaranteed to get you results or we’ll refund your purchase price.” I agree it gets you results but it would have been fair to say that it is not always a positive result as my experience shows.

I will go hunting for the next best psoriasis cure in the world at least I will read a lot because I have bought enough stuff now that doesn’t really work.

I have to say that at the moment I have my P kinda under control (knock on wood) but it is with a lot of sacrifice, I quite smoking, I quite drinking, I lost 25 LBS, take methotrexate and apply daivonex regularly now and the psoriasis is  slowly slowly  disappearing.

So the conclusion of my proz92 review is that it didn’t work but i can not say proz92 is a scam as that would be very hard and I take it proz92 don’t want to risk a lawsuit. And as I said it might work for somebody else and I did read of some independent people stating proz92 worked for them

So much for my proz 92 review if you have any comments concerns please leave me a comment at the bottom of this proz92 reviews post

Psoriasis and cosmetic surgery

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  1. #1 by john on June 30, 2012 - 11:37 pm

    Thank you so much for this proz92 review.

    At least I got my question “does proz92 work?” answered thanks again!

  2. #2 by Dan on August 28, 2012 - 6:39 pm

    I would like to share my experience as well. I have PPP on both palms and decided to give ProZ92 a try. I had been maintaining a constant flare for the past 7 months with steroids. The Clobetasol was doing an ok job, keeping the spreading to a minimum. I know eventually it wil cease to work which is why I tried the Z92.

    I am regretting my decision to say the least. Not only did it burn like a mother%&$%#$, it turned all of my problem areas to a fire red. Then my P began to spread rapidly so now I’m in the middle of the worst, most painful flare of my life. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to bring it back to the place my hands were before trying this crap. I feel duped and I’m mad as hell. In 3 weeks of usage, I’ve gone from 20% P coverage on my palms to 60% coverage and every inch of my P is on fire. Do not use this product, especially if you have PPP.

  3. #3 by i. m. suh on January 7, 2013 - 8:58 pm

    dear sirs,

    this is a male seoul citizen(south korean) of 64 years of age….now suffering from
    probable initial stage of psoriasis from some 3 months ago.

    myself wud like to buy one-two bottles of PROZ92 direct from yours…however. cud
    you please check/confirm there mite arise no clearance problem into korean territory,
    once the PZO92 bottle arrives in a korean airport, if you have some experiences of
    selling several PROZ 92 bottles directly to korean individuals…not thru drug/medicine marketing
    companies here in korea.

    myself now feel it’s not so easy to check this matter, personally by myself…
    expecting to hear from you soon,

    thanks n rgds,

    i. m. suh
    room 103-903 doosan apartment,
    232 changsin-dong, jongno-gu,
    seoul 110-757 korea

    telephone 2-763-9268
    faximle 2-763-9269
    mobile phone 11-5282-9268
    e mail

    • #4 by Me and my psoriasis on January 7, 2013 - 9:34 pm


      I am not a retailer for proz92 and as I said in my article proz92 does not work for me, proz 92 causes a lot of discomfort to me and it just made my psoriasis worse. Of course you are welcome to try but I can not (and will not even if I could) sell it to you as I am convinced proz92 does not work.

      Sorry I can not be of further help

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